Let’s swank it up!


Some years ago while I was playing HoN, came across some music recommendation by a stream mobster. This is how I educated myself to swank it up.

I’m no music junkie or anything, in fact I never really had any chance to listen to electronic, house, trance, those kind of stuff. Up until Swanky Tunes. It is a whole new world!

There’s a doge in the house!!

That’s right.

Neww ppl moved into the house with a poodle, and I sometimes babysit her time to time.

She will make guest appearance here and there!

Here’s a short one, http://www.twitch.tv/chu8/c/4820438

It will only be for about a month though because you know.. that’s my threshold for holding onto food…..

#FrankerZ #PJSalt